DigiCommcafe on hamshack hotline

Its all VoIP

The DigiCommCafe is pleased to announce that we have our very own Public Bridge extension on the Hamshack Hotline VoIP system as a great addition to our extensive list of connected voice modes which also include Allstar, DMR, DStar, Echlink, Fusion, Discord, IRNonTS3, Orion and Zello.

Join me in the DigiCommCafe HamShack Hotline Bridge #327 for additional fellowship and conversation about all connected voice systems. Get your Hamshack Hotline extension today!

DigiCommcafe...harmony on discord


There are several great communications platforms available. One of the more popular ones is a platform called DISCORD. It is a very attractive looking and fun communications app for all devices. And it's FREE!

So, After playing around with it along with several other ham friends, I have created a Discord DigiCommCafe Server that is available to anyone who is interested. There you will find DigiCommChat Room and the Ham Nuggets Room for conversation about all things related to amateur radio. Jump into the Harmony Room for general fellowship and fun where we all just get along.