My First Digital Mobile-Portable Hotspot Experience

Many people have been asking me to document my experiences with using DMR while on a driving trip to California. I had just received my Bluestack board in the mail and quickly plugged my DVMega board on it and put it in the clear case that I had ordered. My plan was to power it with my RAVPOWER battery pack and use my choice of two Android devices running the BlueDV app. I used my wife's Samsung phone in the car and the tablet connected to the hotel's free wifi when in the room. The radio that I used was a Tytera MD-380 handheld with the latest firmware installed along with the MD-380 tools and entire DMR user database installed. This made it easy for me to quickly see who was transmitting with all their particulars. I could also see some of those details on the BlueDV app on the phone. But I have to say that it was much easier to view on the radio.

It was very enjoyable to keep in touch with my friends back in Arkansas from our local W5NWA DMR repeater group along with many others from around the US and the world. As long as I had good cell coverage, I had good DMR coverage. I just connected my DVMega/Bluestack cube to my battery pack and left it in the center glove box, connected to it via bluetooth with the Samsung Android phone, chose my desired talk group (3100-USA Nationwide), and had fun. It really helped me to stay awake on those long days of driving. Even when I got out of the car at rest stops. When checked into the hotel I used my radio to communicate effectively through the hotspot system from quite a distance from the room. It just works! It was also fun for those following me on this trip to use to track our location with street view to see what we were seeing.

I won't travel without it. It was very simple to setup and easy to use.

I highly recommend this particular setup but I know that there are many other ways to do the same thing. When I travel I use it running BlueDV on my iPhone X. There are two Bluestack versions. One runs on Android and the other on iOS. I started out with the Android which I ran on the tablet but then they came out with the iOS version and I had to get one for my iPhone. Works like a charm and has such a small footprint. Makes it very easy to carry while traveling.